Woodchester Mansion

November 20, 2019 Bat Conservation Trust Episode 3
Woodchester Mansion
Show Notes

Episode 3 was recorded in the Gloucestershire countryside at Woodchester Mansion. 

The Grade I listed Victorian mansion near Stroud, which was abandoned during construction in the 1850s, has colonies of rare greater and lesser horseshoe bats, as well as pipistrelles and small numbers of brown long-eared and serotine bats.

The colony of greater horseshoe bats at the gothic manor house has been studied by Dr Roger Ransome and is thought to be the longest continuous study of a mammal by a single individual anywhere in the world.

Woodchester Mansion also offers sell-out evening bat walks in the summer, when the creatures can be seen flying out of the building at dusk to feed. Visit their website which lets you know the best time to visit the bats and details of any bat walks:

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Producer: Steve Roe @SteveRoeBatMan
Cover Art: Rachel Hudson

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