A Wonderful Weekend in Wales

December 18, 2019 Bat Conservation Trust Season 1 Episode 5
A Wonderful Weekend in Wales
Show Notes

Episode five was recorded in May at the Wales Bat Worker’s weekend. The weekend brings together bat workers from across Wales and further afield and Steve speaks to four of them in this episode.

Naomi Webster the is the Training & Conferences manager at BCT and gives an insight into what happens at a BCT event.

Steve Lucas is the Wales Bat Officer and Species Legislation & Policy Specialist. He talks about bat work in Wales and what Brexit might mean for bat conservation.

Denise Foster has recently moved to Wales and is now heading up the Wales element of the National Nathusius Pipistrelle Project (see episode 4 for more on that!).

Jean Matthews sits on BCT’s Board of Trustees and talks to Steve about her work with bats over the years and what sort of things Gwynedd Bat Group gets up to.

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