Gardening for bats with Joel Ashton

November 11, 2020 Bat Conservation Trust Season 2 Episode 15
Gardening for bats with Joel Ashton
Show Notes

Remember seeing bats over your garden years ago and suddenly realised that they've vanished over time? Wildlife garden landscaper Joel Ashton reveals how you can help attract bats to your greenspace by greening up a fence and planting certain species to increase insect diversity which in turn will provide your local bats with a buffet! At the Bat Conservation Trust we have a vision of a world rich in wildlife where bats and people thrive together and Joel is helping achieve that vision, one garden at a time. So tune in and discover how to get bats reappearing against the evening skies of your home.

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Producer: Steve Roe @SteveRoeBatMan
Cover Art: Rachel Hudson

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