Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project with Helen Parr

December 09, 2020 Bat Conservation Trust Season 2 Episode 17
Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project with Helen Parr
Show Notes

The weather has certainly got chilly in the last few days, but back in late October, it was still mild and Steve visited a bat colony which was still in residence in its summer roost. He meets up with Helen Parr, community engagement officer for the Devon Greater Horseshoe Bat Project. They discuss how the project has been received by the community over the last five years and what achievements its had whilst wandering around the countryside of the south-west, visiting the habitats that the largest Greater Horseshoe bat colony in western Europe relies on to thrive.

So tune in and discover how this National Lottery Heritage Fund project has been giving a helping, er...wing, to the Greater Horseshoes of Devon.

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Producer: Steve Roe @SteveRoeBatMan
Cover Art: Rachel Hudson

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